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CursorFX 2.05

  • Publisher:Stardock
  • Version:2.05
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  • License:Shareware
  • File Size:14.28MB

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CursorFX 2.05Description

Features: Features: CursorFX
* Cursors with unlimited size
* Fully anti-aliased cursors
* Fully 32-bit alpha blended cursors
* Animations and scripts
* Cursors with normal and pressed states
* Full featured theme editor
* Full featured graphic control panel
* Fully configurable soft shadow
* New Visual Editor
* New User interface
* New theme format: propriertary, expandable that lets skinners bundle Special effects into themes.
It does this by taking advantage of the new visual effects features of Windows XP and Windows Vista.
CursorFX users can create and use cursors that look and feel far superior to anything you've ever seen before! Best of all, it's really easy to create your own super-charged cursors! It integrates into the standard Mouse interface of Windows and is easy to turn on and off as you need.
CursorFX is a replacement for Stardock's immensely popular cursor skinning program called CursorXP.

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